La Presse du Chat Perdu est votre serigraphee sympathique de quartier. Un atelier de serigraphie full-service que vouée à l'excellence et l'innovation dans la production d'oeuvres sur papier. Ouvert à toutes les possibilités de la medium, La Presse du Chat Perdu peut créer des impressions qui vont donner vie à vos conceptions. De simples affiches monochrome et produits de papier aux éditions multicolores et complexes, nous avons la capacité et l'expérience à faire des projets de toutes tailles, grandes et petites.


The Lost Cat Press is a full-service screen printing shop that strives for excellence and innovation in producing works on paper. Open to all the possibilities of the medium; we can create prints that will bring your designs to life. From simple one-colour posters and paper products to intricate multi-coloured editions, we have the capability and experience to see through projects of any size, big and small.



The focus and drive of Lost Cat Press lie not in high volume printing, but in pushing the boundaries of what's possible and providing those we do business with the kind of screen printed work they can be proud to show the world. This is also applied to the personal artwork that comes out of the shop. From posters and woodcuts to limited edition screen printed books our own catalogue of prints can be found throughout Montreal; in-store and on the streets.


Merci/Thank You!

- Chris Robertson








Lost Cat Press is a full-service screen print shop capable of taking on any project large and small. We gear most of our printing services towards hand-printed goods on paper. Our ink colours are based on the Pantone colour matching system, so we can always produce any colours you may have in mind for your project. We also print on high quality, acid-free archival paper stock, but if you have something more specific in mind we are able to get that for you too. For more information about our services, general questions about screen printing or a quote for your upcoming project, please feel free to send us an email or make an appointment and drop by.




Along with printing we also offer graphic design and graphic manipulation services. If you're looking to have designs made, graphics re-formated for screen printing or basic colour separations, we can get this done for you. There are also many artists who we work with so if you have specific design ideas or an aesthetic we can help match you with a designer who can take your imagination even further with the experience of creating graphics geared for the screen printing process. Graphics are ideally submitted as psd or ai files, however we can also work with pdf, jpg, tiff, png and hand drawn submissions if those are not available.










Solo Exhibitions

2015, Gravures sur Bois, Deppaneur Café, Montreal, (04/01)

2014, Let’s Drive to Mexico, Chris Robertson & Bill Hamilton, HuntClub, Toronto (03/27)

2011, Selected Works, Café Zigoto, Montreal (02/01)

2010, Illegal Alien, Old Friend, The Green Room, Montreal (03/18)

2009, Illegal Alien, Old Friend, 749 Queen St. W, Toronto (09/18)


Group Exhibitions

2015, 7G: Voices from the 7th Generation, Neoskweskau Complex, Mistissini (11/03)

2015, Chromatic, Cite de la Mode et du Design, Paris (04/02)

2014, Salon Pour Les Masses, Espace pour les Masses, Montreal (10/20)

2013, Chris Robertson & Mitch Dixon Lancement de Livre, Gallerie Nowhere, Montreal (05/04)
2012, Montreal Creative, ARTV studio Place Des Arts, Montreal (12/07)
2012, God Save The Queen, Foufounes Electrique, Montreal (07/01)
2011, Cease It #2, Fresh Paint Gallery, Montreal (10/28)
2011, Osheaga: Music on Paper, Galerie Le 4220, Montreal (07/06)
2011, Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low, L’Espace Griffintown, Montreal (04/16)
2011, Works on Paper III, Red Bird Gallery, Montreal (01/29)
2010, Osheaga Music and Art Festival, Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal (07/31)
2010, Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low, Moniker Studio, Montreal (05/01)
2009, Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low, Moniker Studio, Montreal (04/18)
2009, illumination, (Nuit Blanche), Red Bird Gallery, Montreal (02/28)
2008, Chris Robertson & Friends, Warped Tour, Toronto (07/19)
2008, Works on Paper, Red Bird Gallery, Montreal (06/25)
2008, Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low, Red Bird Gallery, Montreal (04/01)
2007, Chris Robertson & Will Egan, Red Bird Gallery, Montreal (11/09)


Live Screen Printing


2013, Montreal Creative, ARTV studio Place Des Arts, Montreal (01/07)
2012, Experience Montreal, Olympic Stadium, Montreal (09/01)
2012, Chromatic, Société des Arts Technologiques [SAT], Montreal (05/25)
2011, Osheaga Music and Arts Festival, Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal (07/29)
2011, Chromatic, Société des Arts Technologiques [SAT], Montreal (05/20)
2009, Festival du Mode & Design, Quartier Spectacle, Montreal (08/03)




2012, In The Red, Fresh Paint Gallery, Montreal (08/04)
2005, untitled, Loop Clothing, Waterloo, ON (12/01)


Live Painting


2014, Nuit Blanche w/ En Masse, Eaton’s Centre, Montreal (03/01)

2013, Nuit Blanche w/ En Masse, Eaton's Centre, Montreal (03/02)
2013, Sid Lee chalkboards (solo), Sid Lee Agency, Montreal (01/28)
2013, Turbo Haus w/ En Masse, Turbo Haus, Montreal (01/19)
2012, Nuit Blanche w/ En Masse, Eaton’s Centre, Montreal (02/25)




2014, Let’s Drive To Mexico, La Presse du Chat Perdu, Montreal (03/27)

2013, Petrofascist, La Presse du Chat Perdu, Montreal (11/14)

2013, 17th Annual Protest Against Police Brutality, La Presse du Chat Perdu, Montreal (03/22)
2012, Coeur de Bois #1, La Presse du Chat Perdu, Montreal (12/19)




Chris Robertson first started screen printing in his bedroom at fifteen. Since then nothing has changed, beyond move out of his parents, Some art schooling from the University of Waterloo, gain the experience of printing in shops all over Montréal, co-found and print for Moniker Screen Printing & Design, to where he can be found in his new home La Presse du Chat Perdu.  Still screen printing, not very capable of doing much else.


This is the foundation for his artistic work.  For years, as the presses went silent for the night, Chris would practice his skills in other mediums of printmaking.  Woodcut came most naturally to him, for its painstaking and monotonous nature lended itself well to his skills as a screen printer.  Now giant monolithic slabs of wood delineate his innermost feelings, probing his memories to find some truth or cosmic reality in our existence.  Balancing spatial harmony with thematic awkwardness, the grey areas of life are treated in a monochromatic way.


Dedicated to disseminating the stories of those without the voice to do so, and putting social justice over the rule of law, the streets of Montreal are Chris Robertson's canvas and this is how he tells his story.




La Presse du Chat Perdu

135 Ave. Van Horne suite#303

Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

H2T 2J2